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The Eastwood Family

I love when I get to watch a family grow by taking Images of each child when they come along, and over the past 6 years Ive been invited into the inner circle taking images of the Eastwood family it's been such a privilege.

Melissa is a personal trainer, and keeps her self fit and healthy so she can keep up with her and Nathan's 4 bubbly cheeky Kids Olivia ,Chelsea, Max and Thomas.

Family Images Wollongong
Mel with her youngest, Thomas.

This family is warm, caring and simply all round FUN the kids are so happy, and have amazing personalities. A massive credit to their parents Melissa & Nathan, who are just beautiful souls themselves.

Melissa & Nathan

Kylie has known Melissa since they were kids playing hockey & they have grown up together and are still friends 30 years later. What beautiful friendship!

This is why Kylie wanted to do something a little outside the box with the "flour fight".

There was HEAPS of giggles, and HEAPS off mess and little flour footprints everywhere!!!

Obviously this was one of the last setups that we did! 😊😊😊

With 4 kids you need to be super organised, that's when i would like to introduce to you- THE LOCKER ROOM!

Shoes, bags, toys etc LOVE THIS IDEA!!

The Locker room

The 4 cheeky monkey's doing there own thang 😂

We wanted some images to represent the fun and amazing personalities that the kids have, so below you will see their little cheekiness come to life through the images. Our favourite 'secret' that Max said to get Mel & Nath to laugh, was "I'm going fishing" oh to be 3 again 😂

I have had such ball watching them watching them grow & I look forward to many more moments to capture!

(I wonder what the next idea could be, better get the thinking cap on!)

Oliva, Chelsea, Max & Thomas

Family Portrait

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