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Newborn photos are something so precious that you can only achieve once in a lifetime!


We STRONGLY recommend you book your session prior to giving birth, that way we have reserved an appointment for you so you don't MISS OUT!  And if you go overdue or are unwell, etc. we can transfer your session to a new date.


A few things you should know:


The best images taken of newborns are under the age of 10 days.


Babies change at a remarkable rate in the early days, so we photograph within the first 10 days. At this age most babies are still sleepy making it much easier to get them into the curled positions and can achieve the ultimate result.

Any older than two weeks and babies are more aware,  and like to stretch out more making it difficult to get that sleeping, curled up baby look.


Sessions are held in our studio: 

Our professionally equipped camera room includes a change room for parents and change table for baby, plus it’s heated or cooled to suit you’re your babies needs. Baby’s comfort is the secret to great images.


You can expect your newborn session to last around 1-3 hours.


Newborns photograph best in their natural state so no need to provide clothes, or anything other than your beautiful baby. UNLESS there is something specific you would like to include in the photos, e.g. a blanket that grandma has knitted, footy jersey, a favourite outfit etc.


During your session we will make a whole range of stylish boutique images of your precious newborn. During your session at no extra cost we will include soft gentle mum and bub, and great dad and bub shots as well.


We also include the family as a group in a variety of poses, plus baby with brothers or sisters.


secure your boutique session!