Krystal & Kylie

The Faces behind About Faces Photography

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After 15 years of getting into photography, traveling throughout Australia, New Zealand and Ireland teaching photography I really found were my passion lies... Photographing kids!

I love their energy and curiosity about the new world that awaits them.

I love to capture the magic moment of pregnancy, nurture and adore your newborn and love to act like a 4 year old  with fart noises and the likes to get the sparkle in your portrait :)


Kylie is the creative side, she helps you to figure out what you want on your walls, and helps you design your images in how you want to display them. She nurtures the clients and make sure you end up leaving the gallery with exactly what your after! 



Award Winner Photographer

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"International Baby Photo Contest" December 2016


"International Baby Photo Contest" April 2017

"International Newborn Contest" June 2017


 "International Baby Photo Contest" January 2017 

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Silver Epson Award AIPP Australian Professional Photographer March 2017


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