• Krystal

Simone & Zandra 13th of April 2019

From the beginning of the day it was just perfect weather for these two beautiful brides to be.

No wind, white fluffy clouds & the sun beaming down on this special day.

As I looked around the beautiful location I spotted a goat! So of course I went and patted her.

she even posed for the camera!

The moment got a little teary as Simone’s Dad saw how beautiful his daughter looked on this fantastic day, whilst Zandra & her folks were laughing away as they rode in the car.

The ceremony was beautiful & heartfelt. Rings were exchanged and the vowles were said. Even I shed a tear (happy of course!).

The love that poured through this beautiful couple, through their friends & family really made this day super special and I was glad I could capture the moments and love that was there.

Congratulations Zandra & Simone, 13 years to “tie the knot” you did it!

Krystal & Kylie x

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