• Krystal

~Mr & Mrs Smith ~

When Nicole first met Luke, and asked him his name, she thought he was having her on!

'No, that's not your name! Tell me your real one!"

"It IS my real name" Luke replied, and had to show her his ID to prove it!

From that moment on, they were pretty much inseparable and love going on adventures and have recently loved bonding with their beautiful baby boy Lachlan.

The weather has been a little horrific as of late, with all the much needed rain, and everyone was in a little bit of a panic leading up until the day..... then.... PURE SUNSHINE!!!!!!


The very handsome Groom, Luke:

So whilst the girls were getting the makeup and the hair done, the boys were all ready to go, and decided that they wanted to incorporate "art photos" so Kylie was like... 'go for it boys' haha, i think they did an awesome job- no photoshopping here!!

The beautiful Bride Nicole & her dazzling Bridesmaids, have selfie time!

One thing that Nicole was missing was her little man Lachlan, she said "something's missing, I don't feel right, I need to see him". So I went out, and brought him in for mummy cuddles and kisses :)

She instantly just relaxed as she saw him, it was a beautiful moment to be a part of.

While they finial touches were being put onto her dress, she just breathed him all in...

The last shot, of him giving 'kisses' How cute!

Those eyes :O

Whilst we are on the subject of Lauchlan - his ride was definitely the BEST I have ever seen!

"Listen girls, this is a very expensive car- please be careful"....

Then out of nowhere, he channeled his inner posing, and just STOLE the show! (Sorry Luke & Nic but it's your fault for having such beautiful offspring)

Do you think he is meaning to to the sneaky middle fingers up???