• Krystal

Chanel & Aiga | 8th April 2022

Just to paint you a picture of this day, all I can say is despite the rain, coming down from the heavens and the muddy shoes that came along with it!

The whole afternoon was just about love and family, I really felt it throughout the whole reception & it was beautiful to be a part of.

We managed to get a few shots at the beach, before the storm rolled though & can I just say, i think moody sky's are my favourite!

A few minutes to themselves, enjoying the beautiful Corrimal beach & the crashing of the waves before we met with the cheeky babes while it was absolutely bucketing down!

The traditional dress were super adorable on these babes!

After a movie star entrance;

It was off to celebrate in tradition and style, full of love, laughter, hugs & happy tears.

It was so beautiful to witness the traditional dances and documenting something so special.

Thank you Chanel & Aiga for choosing me to be your photographer, I had such an amazing night watching all the traditions!

Wishing you all the best for your future of life together.



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