Element of Design Sessions

This where you & I will come together and design an amazing art piece for your home for everyone to admire.

These sessions are a little different, as we don't take a whole amount of poses, however the images we will produce are just stunning and they will go with your child's personality or your favourite, movie/ animal... you name it we can produce it!

How much is a session?

Sessions are $1250 

($200 deposit required, and payment plans are available!)

These sessions are one of a kind.

We have a consult chat, to find out all about your child, what they are into, what they love and then we can produce a sensational piece that is tailor suited to them, their loves and their personality.

The specialised art piece has an organic look, with hand torn edges that is wonderful and gives an artistic finish. 

The piece enriches your beautiful artwork with specialised framing to enhance your presentation.


You receive a 40 X 50cm handmade piece,  

Along with two 20 X 25cm (great for the grandparents!) professionally matted prints.

Four 12.5 X 18cm loose prints and the digital file as a keepsake.

The element of design sessions are only ONE designer image, that you can dream up.

How do I book?


Please click the email icon, and write me an email- include a little bit about yourself, and your child/ren. I will be in touch really quick!